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Hey! I'm Amber Mangione

Welcome to salt + gold photography! I'm so excited to have you here. Feel free to check out my portfolio, learn some more about me, and see if we would be a good match to work together!

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behind the name

salt + gold photography. Not your typical name for a photography business, right?

I chose a name that represented more than myself.



First and maybe most importantly, the beach! This is easily one of my favorite places. Not only to shoot, but to find peace. Salt is also a vital preservative. Each shot I take, it’s my goal to preserve that precious moment in life.


The golden hours are a coveted time of the day for all photographers, but there is also no denying those magical hours in everyday life whether at the beach or your own favorite place. Gold also represents my name- Amber. This gemstone is yellow in color, exuding bright energy that I capture in my photography. As you will notice, bright vibrant colors is a constant theme in

my work. 


And of course, I had to use the word 'gold' to represent my golden retriever, Maple. Sorry, I'm just a hardcore dog mom at heart.

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“Amber was so great! I have always had trouble taking good pictures, but she seems to hit it perfectly every time! I now have had multiple photo shoots with Amber and she is always so patient, gives clear direction, and has an amazing eye. I can't say enough about her! 10/10 would recommend.”